Arts & Literature

Today we were back in the classroom after a weekend of adventuring. We started with a case study on PlayPumps. We each got a role and had to make decisions on investment and production. My group was philanthropists and we immediately saw faults in the business. What we later learned was that it was a failure, not reaching its goal of providing water to impoverished areas in South Africa. I learned a valuable lesson that communication is key before making investments, talking to not only the business but the consumers, to see if it’s really effective.

The last part of the class we worked more on our papers, making further progress with my group. Then, after a much-needed nap, we were off to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. I found this visit very interesting with many different exhibits to explore. Modern art may need a lot of interpretation to appreciate, but I find it can be very inspiring. While I specifically enjoyed the paintings, I wish there was more background on the art to understand it further, especially the process behind it. Otherwise, some of the pieces were very informative or Irish history, putting a modern interpretation on it, such as the revolt against Britain for independence.

Our next stop was to the Trinity Library and Book of Kells, which has been on many of our bucket lists since we arrived. While it is a high-traveled tourist site, and many of its features reflected it, I thought the information about its history was fascinating and the library was beautifully antique. Even though we didn’t stay long, I think it was a memorable experience and demonstrated Irish history and religious background.

Since we had time later in the afternoon, when shops were still open, I went gift shopping and sent postcards home. Then I finished the night with some more delicious chips (bless Irish potatoes). All in all, I learned a lot today and saw just how deep Irish culture runs, even in the modern day.