Individually Appreciated

Back to class we go. After our engaging discussion of the case study about PlayPumps, we were allowed a great amount of time to work on our final reports with our group. Progress was made, and final touches will be the main goal for the night.

After class, we made a stop to the Irish Museum of Modern Art, also known as IMMA. The museum building wraps itself around a cobblestone courtyard with a large beautiful garden in the back. Although I do not have the best understanding of art, I can still appreciate the work and intent of the unique pieces. Walking around the museum today, the individualistic expressions spoke loudly. Individualism is welcomed in the present Irish culture. No longer being constrained by the extensive ruling from England, the Irish people can communicate their deepest sentiments in whatever form they wish. Some of the art today included extravagant paintings, trippy optical illusions, handcrafted art, and short films: expression in all manifestations.

Planned at the last minute, our last event on the schedule was visiting Trinity College. We toured Trinity’s magnificent library and the Book of Kells exhibition. The old library has been the home of research for over three hundred years, housing the oldest and most valuable forever-expanding collection. In fact, newly published books will directly send first copies to the Trinity College Library. The amount of art in this library is also significant. Considered as a different form of art, the smooth writing, poetry, and calligraphy is indeed yet another craft of expression.

Individuals should be deemed equally important and their assertions equally appreciated.