Day 22: Art

Today, we had class in the morning and worked through a case study. It was about supplying drinking water to villages in Africa that did not have clean drinking water. We were split into three groups: philanthropists, engineers, and villagers. I was a part of the engineer group and we had to decide if building more PlayPumps, a merry-go-around water pump, was beneficial to the villagers. We decided that building two more was the best idea considering the lack of statistics on the success of the pump. However, when Dr. Lada debriefed the case study, she informed us that we forgot to collaborate. She emphasized the importance of not making assumptions of the impacts/effects of any decisions.

After class, we had a lunch break then headed to Irish Museum of Modern Art. I was very excited for this visit because I truly value art and love seeing the vision of the artist. The beauty of modern art, in my opinion, is that every piece is up for interpretation. Paintings clearly tell a specific story with one view but modern art allows artists and viewers have their own perception of the works. By walking through the exhibitions, I realized the significance of individualism and creativity in Ireland. Every work showed different and unique aspects of the artists as a way of communication mostly without the use of words. The most interesting piece I saw today was two folded sheets of cloth. I have never encountered something so simple yet unique as that piece in a museum before. I still do not know how to interpret that piece but it was distinctive that I will not forget.

Our final stop today was the library of Trinity College and seeing the Book of Kells. In all honesty, I have minimal knowledge of the Bible and Christianity; however, it was very interesting to see the original copy of the four Gospels. After seeing the book, we got to see the library in the Long Room. Before the program, Jess and I were talking about going to this place and seeing it with my own eyes was very magnificent. Every single wall was filled with books from the  floor to the ceiling. It was amazing. Seeing the pictures from Google with Jess before the trip was already breathtaking, but actually being in the room was completely different.

Today was rather relaxing with less travel time and more free time. Tomorrow is a similar day with class and sight-seeing. I am getting a little bit sad that this program is almost over but I am still excited for what is to come.