A Very Grounded Experience

Today we visited the Irish Museum of Modern Arts. To put it more aptly, today we went to the Irish Museum of Modern Arts and I promptly left and walked to the closest thing approximating a forest.

I will be the first to admit that I simply do not understand modern art. I appreciate its value to the world, but I just do not feel moved by it. However, nature and architecture will always be the ultimate forms of artwork. Luckily for me, the museum had an extensive grounds that allowed for a nice walk and an exploration of beauty both natural and artificial. I did not even go into the garden, but the grounds were large enough to be satisfactory anyway. I started by following a dirt path into the tree line, where I found a beautiful stone building tucked away in the trees.20180807_143656_HDR.jpg

While I may never understand modern art, I appreciate that there is a center for the culture. I dislike the pieces, but they do represent a part of the culture they come from, so I am very glad that people are able to go and witness them.

After this, we went to see the Book of Kells at Trinity Library. It was a fascinating sight to see, as it is one of the best preserved illuminated manuscripts in the world. In addition to the worldwide significance, one of my all time favorite book starts with the creation of part of the book and the rest of the plot moves around delivering it to Byzantium.

All in all, it was a very good day spent with people whose company I enjoy. Even if the art did not land, the rest of the experience did.