Day 23: Plants

Today, we spent the morning working on our final report and presentations then went to the Botanical Gardens after lunch. This visit was something that was special to me because my grandparents would take me to see botanical and traditional Japanese gardens when I was little. Seeing another one reminded me of those times. It was another gorgeous day here in Dublin which took me to surprises to see sunshine for more than an hour straight.

Our blog prompt today asks what Irish culture I saw at the gardens but in all honesty, I felt like I could have been at any garden in the world. However, the flowers were very vibrant in color, organized well by species, and well taken care of. The girls walked through the whole garden then arrived at the cafe where we took a nice water, lunch, snack break. After, we went to see the succulents which were interesting seeing Katie trying to touch every plant.

In my opinion, local sightseeing is always nice because we do not have to drive through twisty bumpy roads on a hot small bus. However, I did not feel anything special about Ireland in the botanical gardens but it was still very relaxing to spend time outside in the nice weather. It was a nice break from being in the classroom trying to finish our report.

After our little excursion, James, Jesse, Ryan, and I invited Brad for a burger night in our room. James, Ryan, and I took a little trip down the street to Spar to get some snacks for the dinner and Brad brought fresh vegetables which we never had in our room. It was a very nice dinner with our special guest, who did break his own rule… (no removal of furniture).

Today was rather a very relaxing day, finished off with a nice meal with great friends. Tomorrow, we are back on with company visits and guest lecturers.