The Blooms of Ireland

Today was another relaxing day here in Ireland.

This morning, my group and I worked on our final presentations for about two hours. I researched more statistics about Ireland and how the economics of Ireland will affect our product: StageShare. I used the CIA World Factbook and other business websites to find general data and economic data. Ireland is considered a “low risk” area to do business given its rapid growth.

There is projected to be continual inflation, but the Irish Government is working on stabilizing the economy into a more steady period of growth.

After working on our projects, we headed to the Botanical Gardens of Dublin. They were absolutely beautiful. The gardens were widespread and trails weaved through various different garden exhibits. I found a spot next to a small creek where I laid down and just reflected upon my experience in the program so far and my future in college. The sound of the water was very soothing, and I felt so calm leaving the gardens.

One of the tractors at the Dublin

Botanical Gardens is a John Deere. Personally, I have always been a fan of John Deere tractors for their quality and precision. The tractor reminded me of how connected the world really is. In our own little worlds, we never think about how many goods are traded overseas each day, yet billions of goods and billions of dollars are traded each day to thousands of different countries. John Deere is an American company and is reaching globally to serve its customers. No matter if its a software platform (Google) or a tractor, globalization pushes throughout the entire world.

Following the Gardens we headed back to the Dublin City Center to go to a record store. Records are making a comeback, and it was cool to find some American rock classics sitting on the shelves of an Irish record store.

Finally, we made dinner for Brad tonight in our dorm. I cooked burgers for the group and we had a nice, hearty meal together. We ate burgers, fries, raspberries, grapes, salad, and Pringles! It was a great way to end the day. I need to work on my cooking skills for next time.

Tomorrow, we tour Airbnb at the Docklands. Tune in tomorrow for more!