8/9: Grind Szn

From the title, you can probably tell that I am getting back into the meat of the class.  Not necessarily learning new materials but writing reports and finishing up the presentation.  In addition the class had a guest speaker in the morning and a site visit in the afternoon.

The guest speaker was Steven Dillion.  His background was entrepreneur, having a blog: startup.ie.  The blog is a platform to help start up companies.  His true passion however is the drinks industry.  Steven reminded me of a family friend; he is incredibly intelligent and was paid to be in think tanks, but walked away because he hated it.  So he joined a brewery and has worked his way up.

Advice Steven gave to the class is follow the passion.  And the ideas for our pitches, we should stick to it.  Create resources like a website and actually make the idea a reality, or at least try.  I hope that I stick with that advice.

Then in the afternoon we went to Airbnb Ireland.  The environment was a little bit like google.  They had amenities and tried to build a closer unit within the company, just like EVERY OTHER COMPANY.  It is a cliché “happy hour for employees so they can hang out.”  Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful, upset, or any of that, because truly I did love the atmosphere of Airbnb.  I just picked up on the trend of big companies have.

The two presenters at Airbnb interacted with COMPLETELY DIFFERENT customer experiences.  The first worked in social media, and about the happy times, which was uplifting.  The second worked in risk, and went into some depressing stuff.  Ultimately a continuity that both presenters had was they care about the customer, which is really important.

I still cannot believe tomorrow is the big day, presenting day.  And my last day.