One More Week!

With one more week to go, I’ll give you my current attitudes and beliefs toward travel (as mandated by my internship class). When looking for a place to spend a few months abroad in, Ireland (to be completely honest) was not even on the list. I originally wanted to study abroad, taking classes in Amsterdam, London, or Australia. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the classes I was interested in and I decided to get a move on with the resume building and do an internship. I ended up between Dublin and Cape Town, and decided on Dublin based on it being a larger and more established city, as well as the divide between the local culture and those who live in the city in Cape Town. Previous to this trip I would have called myself well-traveled. I had been to Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Canada, and Cuba, Which I felt was fairly respectable compared to the many people I knew that had barely been out of their state. After spending three weeks before the internship traveling from London to Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and then finally to Dublin and meeting all the actually well-seasoned travelers in hostels, I realize I have another bit before I could even compare. I never really understood the importance of traveling until this point. While I did get the significance of understanding other cultures, I had never just “traveled” in the sense of going from location to location, and had did more vacationing, and stayed in one spot. Traveling in that way really allowed you to compare and see the minute and magnificent differences in each culture you experience, something that I will forever be exploring for the rest of my life.