Being a Londoner

For the first few weeks of the study abroad in London, I was very nervous to make new friends, get along with my roommates, and work in a completely new environment. Now, I can say that this experience has given me so much more than what I expected: it is actually a life-changing event. I am exposed to the welcoming and multicultural society with people from different background. Every day is a new adventure here in London. While I have been busy trying to get to know the city and traveling to other cities in the UK, I also decided to pursue my career in London next year. I have met people from London and visited graduate program recruiters so I can make the most out of this time.

The most interesting moments I have had so far is when I hear British phrases which I am not accustomed to. For example, people say “Are you alright?” as “How are you.” At first, I was confused because I thought that my supervisor sees there is something wrong with me, but it was a casual way to ask how I am doing. Moreover, people use expressions like ‘ace’ as brilliant, ‘cheers’ as thanks, and so forth. Since I came to London, I asked my co-workers to explain what they said several times because I sometimes don’t understand the meaning. This is one way of improving intercultural competence because even the same language can be used in various ways when I compared the US and the UK.

At Charter Selection, the internship site, I did not take much time to get to know my supervisor and other co-workers. The main tasks of Charter Selection, a recruiting agency, are to get the list of vacancies from their clients or companies, advertise these job positions on social media, search for good CVs, and connect potential candidates and clients. In the end, we help the candidates to set up an interview with our clients to secure the job position. Coming from a finance background, except for one introductory marketing course I took in Pittsburgh, I did not have much experience or knowledge about the recruiting process. However, everyone from work guided me from the basis of their daily jobs.

To make the most out of this program, I traveled to some places. First, I went to Barcelona by myself to visit my second family. Since I used to live there for three years, I visit them every summer. This time was easier because, from London, I could go there in two hours. I also went to Scotland with the tour CAPA recommended us. It was one of the most beautiful I ever visited – I fell in love with full of nature, mountain sites, and nice people. So far, this trip has been very fun because it is full of new adventure.