The Journey Awaits

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Ethan Wdowiak. I am currently a Senior studying Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the University of Pittsburgh with plans to graduate in Spring 2019. Let me tell you, the time has flown since I began college. It’s hard to believe that this is my last year as a student, it’s a bitter-sweet feeling no doubt. During my time in Sydney, I’ll be documenting my experiences on this blog, so stay tuned if you want in on the action.

So, a little bit about why I chose this particular program, GBI: Sydney. This past year, I was feeling a sense of wanderlust after going on a week-long study abroad trip to Ecuador. I did some research on other programs Pitt offered and I had quite a few friends that had been on the GBI: Sydney trip. I spoke to them about their awesome experiences and they had me convinced after showing me pictures of the Blue Mountains and the world-class beaches. A few of my hobbies are music, hiking, and kayaking so, since I love to be outside, I knew that Sydney was the right choice for me after realizing all the opportunities I will have to see nature. And plus, I’ll be going right into their Spring season so it’s going to be beautiful there. While abroad, I’ll be taking 3-courses and participating in an internship with a real estate consulting startup called, CRIBZ. Working for a start-up company is not something I’m familiar with nor expected I would ever do, given I do have not much job experience. However, if the things I’ve heard about startups are true then I will come out of it with invaluable, applicable skills that I hope to take with me. Regarding my classes, one specific course that excites me is International Marketing. It will be interesting to see how businesses, such as IKEA, compete in a modern global market.

I hope to return from this trip with a new mindset about the world that we inhabit. After all, I will literally be on the other side of the world. I don’t think I realize how vast, diverse, and populated our Earth is and living in a city that has 5 million+ people of various races for 3 months will definitely humble me. Stay tuned in the upcoming months for updates about my journey in the Land Down Under! Cheers!

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