Unbeievable Summer in London

IMG_7100If someone had told me that the study abroad experience would change my life before I went to London, I would not believe it. However, living in one of the most diverse cities in the world and being exposed to new people and different culture had completely change my perspective. The 6 weeks I spent in London was the fastest 6 weeks of my life; at the same time, I have done so much more than I could have imagined. I’ve grown personally, professionally, and academically after balancing the time for traveling and enjoying the experience while working and studying in the limited amount of time.

First, the course, “Th Global City” was the most enjoyable and valuable class I’ve taken. Initially, I decided to take this course to fulfill my requirement, but it was so much more than that. We had a weekly lecture on Mondays and a field trip on Tuesdays, meaning we got to visit different places in London every week. While as a tourist, London might look very modern and beautiful yet historic place, by taking this course, I learned the history behind today’s contemporary London. Now, when I walk the city, I sometimes think that I can do a tour of each area because that is how much I’ve learned from lectures and field trips.

Also, I can’t believe how many people I’ve met on this trip and a few of them became my good friends. Even though big numbers of Pitt students participate in London Summer 2, I did not know anyone who went there. Now that I came back to Pittsburgh, I can’t wait to meet up with my new friends on campus.

My first work experience at Charter Selection was another unique and enjoyable time in London. Going into the company without any experience made me feel even more nervous. However, I was very surprised with how friendly and w welcoming they were. After 6 weeks of internship, I learned that the corporate culture in the UK is different from the US. For example, in the UK, everyone cares about work and life balance; all people must take 20 days of holidays in a year whereas, in the US, it is usually 10 days. Even after I came back to Pittsburgh, I still kept in touch with my supervisor who really taught me about a business as a whole.

Finally, I can’t describe how much I appreciate Pitt Business for this incredible opportunity they gave me. I gained a self-confidence after working and studying in London and overcoming some challenges I’ve faced. I am sure that I can use the skills I learned in this program for the upcoming school year and for the future.