London Intern

While abroad I hope to get closer to deciding what it is exactly I want to do when I graduate – there are many routes to take in finance! Being that London is the second biggest financial hub in the world – behind New York – I think it should be a good place to start.  

I am very interested in Private Equity and Venture Capital: both of which compose of funds invested into private companies, however, the former involves matured companies and the latter start-up companies. My internship at Clean Energy Pipeline reports on ‘PE’ and ‘VC’ funds that invest in renewable energy projects, such as offshore wind farms that generate electricity for countries’ energy grids. What I have seen most so far though is that PE and VC make up only about ten percent of the funds invested in the clean energy sector. Most of the money comes from private companies from all over Europe who specialize in developing individual projects of various scales; those companies receive loans from banks.

The building I work in is five floors high in Oxford Circus – which is a five-minute walk from Piccadilly Circus – so the area is very nice with lots of cool stores around. The official company I am interning for is Centaur Media which is the parent company of Clean Energy Pipeline. So, each floor is composed of different branches owned by Centaur Media. CEP does not have its own floor, but we have a sizeable chunk of the open-concept journalistic looking floor.

The head of the Data and Research team is taking me under his wing for the duration of my stay, but I occasionally work with the journalists on mostly smaller things. All my coworkers have been super friendly and helpful, making getting acclimated pretty easy!


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