Living in London

I live at the flats on Goldhawk Road in Shepard’s Bush. I have three roommates who are all from Pitt, but none of us have met before. I took an uber from the airport here which was not cheap but understandably priced. The only problem with the flat is that there is no air conditioning or dryer. Only Pitt students live at my flat complex, but I am aware that that is not the case at the other flats.

There is a tube station right across the street but another one about a ten-minute walk away. I take the latter to work because it is a few minutes faster and a single tube ride. My commute is very busy – the tube gets packed! I do not get to sit on my way to or from my internship. Everyone on the tube is actually more courteous than I expected. People make room and give up seats when some else is in more need of it. No one really speaks though, it is not a place to socialize.

The big city atmosphere and moving through crowds of people three times a week is actually pretty cool. It definitely is a new experience for me; I think it would for anyone who has not taken the subway in New York City – which I have not. I downloaded the app City Mapper via recommendation of a friend from Pitt who studied abroad for all of last spring semester. I have to say it is definitely the most user-friendly way of navigating. The are signs for the tube with maps all over but the app is easier to figure out which one to actually take.