London Intro

Hello! My name is Luke Homan and I am going into my junior year this fall. I am a part of the Global Business Institute’s 6-week program in London. I am a finance major, minoring in Economics and History, with also a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I have an internship with Clean Energy Pipeline and am enrolled in a class called Urban Exploration.

Although London is the obvious choice for many business majors – especially those of finance – it was not for me. The notorious cost of living in the city and fact that it is the most similar to the United States culture was a deterrent for me. However, I decided London gives the best odds to grant me an internship most relevant for a financial profession in the US.

I applied for a finance driven internship and am optimistic about the one I received. Clean Energy Pipeline is a subscription-based database for clean energy projects across the world. I have virtually no knowledge of the clean energy market, but it is a topic I am interested in as I wish to be something along the lines of an institutional investor sometime soon after graduation. I will be a part of the Data and Research team.

My class, Urban Exploration, I took mostly to fulfill my foreign culture credits, however, I may have chosen it over all the other classes regardless. I am interested to learn more about London’s history and come to a fuller understanding of its character.

From my first visit to Pitt Business during my college search I knew I wanted desperately to study abroad. I have always been interested in travel, so the chance the Study Abroad Office presented to go abroad was compelling to me. I am excited to take the opportunity to become more independent by divulging into a new culture.