Hi, my name is Collin Powers, I am a junior Finance and Marketing major at the University of Pittsburgh and this fall I am studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. I am from a small suburb, Reading, Pennsylvania and I am very excited to take on life in a big city. During my time here I will be taking three classes, international marketing, international finance, and international economics. Along with these classes I will be interning for a small business here in Sydney.

From the start of college I was interested in studying abroad but I was not sure where I wanted to go, Pitt offers so many different options and opportunities, this was great but it also made my decision much more difficult. My friends and I officially decided we wanted to go abroad last fall but we were stuck on exactly where to go. One of our good friends had actually been abroad in Sydney during this time and we were following his trip through social media and decided to ask him a little about what his time there has been like. He could not stop talking about how great of an experience it was and how it has to be the place we study. Sydney was also always one of my top choices because there’s a good chance I won’t be able to get back here. Sydney isn’t necessarily a place that you can just go on vacation for a week considering the 20 hour travel time. Overall, the beaches, the large city, the wildlife, I just knew this was an opportunity I could not pass up.

As I mentioned before I will be taking three classes. Being a finance and marketing major I am excited to see what these two classes can teach me about finance and marketing on a global scale. It will be interesting to learn how countries interact in both ways. I will also be interning 20 hours a week at Naked Foods. This is a health foods company that has 18 stores now in the Sydney area. I have already talked with my employer and I will be helping with different projects in the marketing and finance areas and I am excited for the experience I will gain through this opportunity.

I feel as though this is going to be an experience of a lifetime. I am so excited to take advantage of everything this city has to offer me.