The Commute: Sydney Edition

I knew I was coming to a big city and had to figure out how to navigate to and from my internship. My internship is with Andiron Group, which consults all types of businesses around Australia, but mainly concentrated in Sydney. Andiron Group has more than 9 clients so I have to be able to navigate to each of the offices on a daily basis. The typical day starts at a company called RISQ group, which is background check and screening company located in North Sydney. I take a ten to fifteen-minute walk to the train station, blasting music of course to wake me up for the day. Once I get to the station I have “tap on” to get to the platform with my OPAL card. An OPAL card is plastic card that you carry to use all forms of transport (ferries, buses, trains, etc.) My commute to RISQ takes around forty minutes and will usually spend the rest of my day there working on blog content.

I enjoy the transportation here compared to back at Pittsburgh. The trains are very clean and modern looking. The seats swivel on hinge so you can choose which way you are facing, which is pretty convenient when traveling with a group of friends. The buses in Pittsburgh definitely appear to be less clean and always packed with people. The buses here you can always get a seat, and if you miss your bus there will usually be another bus with a similar route. The OPAL card is kind of similar to my Pitt ID in the sense that you tap on to pay the fare, but here in Sydney you need to tap off when getting off the bus as well. This was one thing I thought to be very strange and took some getting used to.

My favorite part about my commute to work is the view while crossing in the bridge. The trains primarily operate underground, but when commuting to North Sydney the train emerges out of the ground to view all of Circular Quay. Circular Quay is where the famous opera house is and is surrounded by water, restaurants, stores, and the scenic botanical gardens.

Fortunately, my commute to class is walking distance. The CAPA building is just two blocks away from my apartment. The walk to class is much better than walking to class at Pitt. In Pittsburgh it usually is raining and not nearly as warm as Sydney’s weather. I walk slightly uphill through a park, past my favorite coffee shop Fork & Grind (where I have spent so much money on Australian coffee), and then I am at the CAPA building where all my classes are held.