Living in the Urbanest

My life in Sydney began at the Urbanest located in a neighborhood called Ultimo and it’s where I call home. Ultimo, itself, is in a great location in Sydney. It’s within a 20-minute walk to the main train station, Central, which is really convenient because every train in New South Wales goes through Central. It allows me to travel pretty much anywhere, so long as I catch the right train! Catching the right train is a whole different story. (it’s actually not that hard once you figure it out). Along with the CAPA institute (a 2-minute walk from the Urbanest), there are a number of colleges and universities around such as UTS (University Technology School of Sydney), TAFE, and the University of Sydney. Anything you can imagine, shopping malls, grocery stores, food eateries, and pubs are all within a 5-10 minute walk to accommodate the large student population. Pretty much anything I need, even a cheap haircut, I can find close to the Urbanest.

The Urbanest has a lot of great amenities as well. There’s a free gym, a courtyard with a BBQ, scheduled monthly events, study rooms, a pool table, washer/dryer, and a game room with an Xbox/PS4.

My actual apartment space in the Urbanest has been interesting. I share a common room with 7 other students and share my room with one other student in my program. My roommate, Lorenzo, is the only student that is not originally from the US. He was born in Italy near Naples and studies Marketing at Arizona State University. The actual rooms can be equated to a college freshman dorm room. They include a twin bed, plenty of closet and storage space, a desk, and your own bathroom. As you can imagine, living with 7 other people can be pretty difficult, however, we manage as best we can. The refrigerator is way too small and gets cluttered after one round of grocery shopping. Also, things tend to go out of date easily because it’s just hard to keep track of everything. We were given two stoves which is nice, although my roommates and I can agree we would have preferred 2 refrigerators, haha. One thing I would suggest doing is laying down some ground rules at the beginning for washing dishes and overall cleanliness. It just makes everyone’s life less stressful. No one likes a disgusting apartment, just the facts.

All in all, I love the location where I’m at in Sydney. It has pretty much anything a student would need and more.

And that’s a little about where I’m living in the great down under! Stay tuned for more.