9-5 Down Under

My internship while studying abroad in Sydney is entirely different from any previous work or internship experience I’ve had. I am not only the only intern at my internship but the only permanent employee as well. I am working as a Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Unbridled Pty LTD. Unbridled is a business consulting firm that focuses on sales experience and neuroscience to help improve workplace productivity and success. Due to the incredibly small company size most business is primarily conducted through the CEO’s home office in the town of Illawong, which is about half an hour south of Sydney.
It took some adjusting to the new workplace and the flexibility that came with it. I’ve always worked in an office setting so to go from that to someone’s home office was a little jarring at first. The clash of a professional and private setting was something that I really didn’t know how to work around. Thankfully my advisor is incredibly kind and really worked to make me feel comfortable where I work. I also have the opportunity to work from home depending on my schedule for the week. Getting the motivation to work from home is its own problem and one that I’ve solved by refusing to work from home and instead of working from school or a local library if I can.
It also took some adjusting to the fact that most of the work that I do for this position is entirely of my own creation. As the only employee I am often left to check on my own work and in some marketing projects here it is up to me to come up with a solution rather than be assigned one. This position has really allowed me to get creative in problem-solving and dip my hand in a wide array of marketing work. It also gave me the opportunity to touch on some skills that I have always wanted to learn but never had the time to. This includes learning how to edit video, audio, and photos for marketing materials. I’ve come to appreciate the independence that this position has granted me and I’ve also enjoyed that it’s allowed me to become more comfortable in what I know I am capable of work wise.
If I were to give any advice to others transitioning into an international internship I would say as long as you focus on your work and you open yourself to new experiences you’re more than likely going find your place at your internship after a while. Just take any new problem in stride and don’t let any disorientation affect you too harshly. Like any job there’s an obvious learning curve that you have to account for, and if you embrace that learning curve finding your place in a company should come easy.