Advice From an International Traveler

I’ve been living in Vienna Austria for about a month now and have loved every minute. My biggest takeaways are to live in the moment, be flexible, and enjoy the little things.  A semester is so short and it’s not worth wasting any time! I’ve had a few bumps in the road so far with my housing getting a little mixed up, my class schedule complications, and getting strep throat, but I tried my best to not let any of these things damper my experience.  Those few bad things were so insignificant to all of the amazing things I’ve done and seen.

Live in the moment.  I’ve watched as people around me see more through the camera of their phones than their own eyes.  I think pictures are amazing and they should definitely be taken, but keeping social media up to date minute to minute is not worth it.  It’s also okay to distance yourself from your life in the US.  You don’t need to be texting and snapchatting with all of your college friends, they will still be there when you get back.  Focus more on the new people you meet and the new places you go, it will go by so fast, so it’s important to enjoy all the things happening here and now.

Be flexible. Traveling to a new country and living there for 4 months can be a little chaotic.  It’s so important to be able to go with the crazy flow.  You might get sick like me or lock yourself out of your apartment or take the metro 40 minutes in the wrong direction or have your bus delayed 5 hours into the night, these things happen and they’re not worth sweating over.  Being a world traveler is about being able to adapt.

Enjoy the little things.  There is so much to enjoy while abroad.  There are grand castles and beautiful beaches and scenic views and it’s amazing, but there are also little things to enjoy.  Dinner with friends, street performers, pastry shops.  Not every day has to be a big sigh seeing day, but every day should still be appreciated to its fullest.

Living abroad has been so incredible.  There is no way to describe how amazing the experience is.  My friends are from Spain, Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Montreal and they come from so many different backgrounds with such different cultures and traditions.  I have seen places I never thought I would and experienced things I didn’t even know I was missing in life.