All Roads Lead to Melbourne

For my semester’s (Southern hemisphere) spring break, I decided to travel outside my adopted home of Sydney and fly south to Melbourne. Much like my semester abroad, I waited until the last minute to really plan and pack for my trip. Two nights before my intended departure date I booked the cheapest flight that I could find through a local airline called TigerAir. The night before I packed three to four different sets of clothing into my bookbag along with a few personal hygiene items. I decided that I was going to pack light on intention to make personal travel easier for me. It also allowed me to skip things such as baggage checks because I only had to worry about the one carry-on that I had on me.
I was very fortunate that I ran into almost no obstacles while traveling to and around Melbourne. I walked around all of Melbourne and thus I didn’t use any of Melbourne’s public transit options while I visited. I did, however, run into a little bit of a snafu when I was attempting to fly back to Sydney. I arrived at my gate, my fellow passengers arrived at the gate but the plane we were supposed to board did not arrive at the gate. A plane then arrived around forty-five minutes after I was supposed to leave and proceeded to pick up an entirely different set of passengers. After about two hours of sitting around and trying to listen for updates on this missing aviation vehicle, we were happily in the air and on our way home. In terms of dealing with obstacles, the only advice that I have to offer is to really just take everything in stride and try your best to go with the flow. For example, there was nothing that I could do when my plane doesn’t show up to the gate, the only thing I could do was wait and hope that the problem sorts itself out. The last thing you want to do is be the person yelling at traffic as if that has any effect on the situation. Things have a way of working out by themselves and it makes no sense to let completely non-adjustable events affect your experience while abroad.
I just want to give a quick mention to the actual city of Melbourne. Melbourne is a city that breathes art and has such an interesting character that can be found in every corner and alleyway of the city. Melbourne is only an hour and a half flight away from Sydney and makes for such an interesting weekend getaway location. The shocking differences between Sydney and Melbourne are just a small sample of the breadth of interesting experiences that Australia has to offer.