Thank You Sydney

As I look back and reflect on my time in Sydney, it’s hard for me to explain how awesome this experience has been for me. I have made relationships and friendships that are going to last a lifetime and made memories that I will never forget! When thinking back to the first day, when I met everyone in the program I had no idea that I was going to become so close with everyone. I came into this program thinking that I was going to meet a few kids that I really would connect with, I had no idea that I was going to meet over 20 kids that I would be able to call some of my best friends after just 3 months. There is no doubt that I will stay in touch with everyone I met here.


After being here for over 3 months now I have acquired some favorite places. These would include the darling harbor, Circular Quay, and manly beach. Darling harbor and circular quay are very similar places, they both have so many restaurants right on the water. My friends and I have made many Friday and Saturday afternoon trips to these places for dinner. They are really just some of the most beautiful places that I have seen and it was awesome to go out and enjoy a dinner while watching the sunset over the water. Circular Quay also has the Opera house which everybody loves. Another place that became one of our favorites was manly beach. A lot of people here about Bondi beach when coming here but manly beach was our favorite because it was much less crowded and it was a great beach town with plenty of restaurants and shops which was really cool. Also in order to get to manly beach you had to take about a 30 minute ferry ride which was always beautiful. Although I loved pretty much anywhere I went in Sydney these are my top three and they are a must see when you get here.


Overall my time in Sydney has been unbelievable! I was excited coming here but this trip has really exceeded my expectations. I am extremely grateful for the group that I got put with and if I had a chance to go back to do it again I would not change anything about it. If you are thinking about studying abroad in Sydney Australia, please do it, you will not regret it!