What Kind of Semester Has It Been?

After an entire day flying back home and almost a week battling the sludge of jetlag I’ve finally fully returned from my semester abroad in Sydney- and what a semester it has been. It felt like this semester was the missing piece of my time at Pitt. It took everything that I have learned academically, personally and professionally at Pitt and built upon that while offering me completely new and exciting challenges and opportunities. This semester allowed me to stand back and look at the culmination of everything that has happened and will happen during my time at university.

Studying abroad in Sydney was my first real taste of traveling to new places and my time in Australia has definitely set my urge to travel aflame. I want to continue to travel and submerge myself in new cultures. Complacency and comfort are no longer enough for me and I want to be continued to be challenged by very literally searching out for new experiences and opportunities. I’ve already begun planning for a trip to Europe after I graduate in Spring. I was always a little skeptical about the value of traveling but I see now of its importance, I now see how important it is both for both personal and professional growth to gain a mosaic of varied and new encounters. Before this semester I admittedly was a little cautious of trying new things and removing myself from an established comfort zone. This semester provided me with a perfect remedy for complacency and permanently set my sights for constant travel.

This semester has truly allowed me to gain a global perspective-especially in terms of a professional sense. Studying and working abroad in Sydney has allowed me to see the bigger picture in terms of how marketing- and businesses in general work in a global context. It has also allowed me to see how forms of business such as marketing are altered in different cultures and environments. Studying abroad has allowed me to gain a better appreciation for my field of study and has allowed me to go from conceptual learning during classes to real-world application.