Hello London: This is Me

Hello! My name is Rachel Wierzbowski and I am a Junior studying Marketing and Supply Chain Management as well as pursuing a Certificate in Leadership and Ethics. I am from Robbinsville, NJ (yes, Central Jersey does exist). My interests include alternative music, finding new coffee shops, yoga, and exploring art museums.

Outside of the classroom, I have held several leadership positions. During my sophomore year, I served as the Historian for Phi Beta Lambda and the Co-VP of Regional Conference for the American Marketing Association. This past semester, I had the pleasure of being the Co-Director of Phi Beta Lambda’s Dinner for Dimes. Due to my previous leadership roles as well as internship experience in digital media and logistics, I hope to become a Project Manager in the future.

I cannot believe that in just a few short weeks I will be traveling to London to participate in Pitt’s semester-long Global Business Institute. I chose London for a few reasons. First, I was only in London once for three days. While there, I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the city and learning about its rich history. However, clearly, three days is not enough time to explore London! Second, London is such a multicultural hub, so I cannot wait to learn more about the various cultural areas. Lastly, I wanted to be centrally located in an area where I could easily explore different parts of Europe. After all, most places are just a short bus, train, or plane ride away!

Academically, this program provided me with an opportunity to take globally focused courses related to my majors, and also take unique general electives. For my majors, I plan on taking Managing Global Supply Chains and Marketing Communications in Britain. As the current business culture is moving toward competition between supply chains rather than just companies, it is vital to have global knowledge on this subject. Similarly, analyzing the differences in promotional campaigns and communications tactics in London  expands my knowledge in the growing global marketplace. Additionally, I plan on taking a literature, music/art, and an urban studies course. By doing this, I hope to expand on my knowledge of London’s history and culture, so I can show respect for the rich art, traditions, and customs.

Personally, this program will help me develop the critical thinking and adaptability skills I gained when I participated in the Global Service Learning: Bolivia trip during my freshman year. Overall, I think adaptability is the most important transferable skill one can learn while abroad as there is no doubt I will be put in unfamiliar situations where I will have to pivot. Professionally, I hope to work on my teamwork and communication skills in my courses, as they will be vital in my future career. Due to my past experience in media, I also want to gain an understanding of how businesses in London use social media strategies to reach a large breadth of audiences at an international level, adding to my acumen of digital media strategy.

I cannot wait for this journey to begin and to see how I grow as a person. Hopefully next time I write I blog post, I’ll be sipping on a cup of tea listening to Queen in my flat, truly living the best London lifestyle!