Hello! My name is Leila Sosic and I am a Junior at Pitt. I am majoring in Human Resource Management and Business Information Systems. I am incredibly excited to be studying abroad in Florence, Italy next semester. I have been dreaming of going to Italy since I was little! I am so excited to learn about the culture, food, and rich Florentine history. I also look forward to making new friends and exploring many different cities within Italy.

The first objective I wish to accomplish is learning Italian. Since I will be enrolled in an Intro to Italian course, and constantly exploring the country, I believe I should be able to speak the language by then end of the four months. Next, I hope to learn more about the different types of industries Italy has to offer, specifically learning more about the agriculture industry. Finally, I would like to take the time to really learn how to make this an autonomous experience. This includes my experiences both in the classroom and outside of it. I want to take advantage of every experience, and create new opportunities for myself.

Furthermore, I am excited to learn more about the different technology and industries in Italy, which I will be able to connect to my HRM and BIS majors. I have the opportunity to take specific major courses taught by Italian professors. I look forward to a change of scenery and new insight and perspectives from these professors. Italy is known for its’ rich agriculture, so I will be interested to learn about how they keep up with the demands of consumers and trading partners. Technology is also a driving force for businesses all around the world, and I am thrilled to gain a deeper understanding of how global businesses implement technology in the workforce. My career goals include a future in the agribusiness industry, and what better place to learn about food and sustainability than Italy? 

This past May, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland for two weeks. After I had completed that program, I knew I wanted to study abroad in Europe again. Studying abroad has made the biggest impact on me throughout my undergraduate career and I am grateful for having the opportunity to go abroad twice thus far! I anticipate showing growth both personally and professionally during my time abroad, and sharing my experience with my peers at Pitt when I return. I hope to gain deeper insight on the agribusiness industry, meanwhile experiencing a new classroom setting and learning about Italy’s rich culture. I believe it is essential every student has the opportunity to study abroad and learn about themselves through this unique experience. I am counting down the days until I head out, I look forward to seeing you all there! Arrivederci!