To the City that Changed My Life for the Better

Before I studied abroad, I thought I understood the world around me. I thought I understood diversity, exploration, challenges, organization, and beauty. Living in London taught me that I really did not understand what these words truly meant and represented. I did not realize the extent of how diversity could impact a company and a city. I knew diversity was beautiful, but I had not considered how invaluable it was to cultivate a community full of innovative ideas from around the world. London taught me how vibrant an international community can be and how wonderful it feels to be a part of a city that is celebrates inclusion of all.

Exploring new areas with my friends in the states was always a favorite hobby of mine; however, exploring a new city a world away was an entirely different story. It was challenging, in the best way. It pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone to communicate and connect with different people. It made me more independent and confident in myself, as I continue to move from place to place in the future.

I was challenged time and time again, which reminded me that I still have many experiences to grow through and lessons to learn. Time management became the key to my success as a student. Now, I have the desire to carefully plan out  and record my daily, academic, and professional tasks to ensure I am always on track to reach my full potential.

One of the most important takeaways I had from the GBI London program, was my further developed appreciation for this planet’s beauty. Seeing the Tower Bridge, Amalfi Coast, Trinity College, Ornos Beach, Castle of Prague, and The Colosseum inspired my creativity and pulled on my heart strings quite a bit. I am in awe of the sites I have seen and excited by all those I have not visited yet. I am so grateful and humbled by the opportunities I have had these last few months.

London will always have a piece of my heart. I cannot wait to return to Pitt Business as a stronger, more organized student with great respect for international cultures. Professionally, I am more confident in my skills acquired and strengthened through my time as an intern at Platform Creative. Personally, I have grown so appreciative of the opportunities and lessons traveling has gifted me. I am proud to have grown into a more independent, confident individual who will cherish my time spent as a Londoner forever.