Living in Ryd

Hej Hej!

It’s been two days since I have arrived in Linkoping. So far so (mostly) good! Currently I am living in Ryd. It is a large neighborhood right outside the university. Most of the student dorms are located here as well as other apartments owned by local people. So there are a lot of university students in the area. There is a really nice shopping center with groceries and other home goods as well as some small shops at restaurants. My building is about 23 minutes walking from the university campus.

It’s really interesting to live here and it is definitely a huge change from American dorm lifestyle. The room itself is quite small and I have it shared with another girl. Although not a native of Sweden, she has been extremely helpful to my move in process. People aren’t quite friendly and open here. They are much more reserved, and it’s simply just the culture. For example, in a typical dorm in America you usually know the people you are neighboring with, there might be a common lounge or space where everyone can gather and meet. Here there is no such thing. I have yet to see a single person even in the hallways!

The dorms are quite plain as well. The RA system doesn’t really exist here and people don’t seem to keen on decorating themselves, at least not on the outside. The room itself is really cute, but could also use some decorations. They are much cheaper than American dorms and work by a monthly payment like you would an apartment. The mailbox key and the room key are the exact same which is interesting so I have to be extra careful to not lose it. Laundry facilities are also in their own separate building.

Overall, I like the space. The neighborhood is quiet and nice and not too far from campus. It’s nice to know I am next to the other university students even though I don’t know many yet. Also, even though I haven’t met my roommate its so helpful that she was here before me. It made things like setting us the internet easier. She was also able to prepare a pillow and blanket for me first day and stock the kitchen and bathroom with essential things. I am excited for what the next few months bring and I am sure I will be able to manage just fine in my little room.