Encounter with London

Today I have already finished my first day of internship and the first week of classes as well. So I think I am ready to talk about my first impression on the city of London. It was a busy and tiring journey at first because I arrived one day later than other students’ normal schedule. After I arrived at the airport at around 10am, I arrived at my room around 1pm and then went to the orientation at 2pm. I was really exhausted that day.

After the orientation on the first day of my arrival, I discovered my room on my own. I am really fortunate cause there were only two people in my studio. It was an interesting discovery that I realized that the kitchen, living room and dining room are located above my bedroom. I needed to enter the password to enter the building and then use a key to enter the studio. I felt like I am living in the small houses in the British TV dramas. But It would really take me some time to get used to the life that there will be no table or chair inside my bedroom and I need to go upstairs for studying every time. The equipment was really complete in the kitchen and the bedroom. There were at least five kinds of different pots, knives, forks, spoons and plates inside the cupboard.

After the rest and self-adjustment during the weekend, my first formal event was to work on Monday. It took me about 5 minutes of bus, 25 minutes on the underground and then 10 minutes walk to get to my internship site. This is the fastest and the least tiring way for me to get to work from my perspective. I tried to balance the time cost and walking distance when I need to get up early for my intern. For a more comfortable way, I chose another way to go back home from my internship site. I took the underground for about 18 minutes and then took the bus for about 30 minutes which would save me from walking on foot after whole day’s work. Actually, there was interesting stuff there, the bus would take about half of hour due to the heavy traffic. Normally it would only take about 20 minutes. It was hard for me to imagine that buses would become slower due to traffic in Pittsburgh. However, on another hand, I haven’t waited for more than 5 minutes for every public transport I have tried these days. It was much more frequent then what I had experienced in Pittsburgh.

[P.S. The pictures were taken at around 10am and 6pm at the way between my internship site and the underground station.]