My First Week in London

Today marks exactly one week since my arrival in London. Overall, my travel from the United States to the United Kingdom was fairly smooth (other than the difficulty of entering and exiting the tube with luggage packed to the brim). I am living in the West Kensington area and my flat is conveniently located directly across the street from the West Kensington tube station. Overall, the area is extremely nice. We are only about a twenty-minute walk from classes and about a 30-minute tube ride from my internship. Also, I am living with three friends from school and we have been getting along great so far. On the first full day we were in London, we took the opportunity to explore the main landmarks in London by walking along the south shore of the River Thames. I was a little disappointed to see that Big Ben was under renovation, however it was extremely exciting to see the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and other iconic landmarks in London. Over the weekend, we took a guided walking tour of our neighborhood to get used to the West Kensington area and see all that is has to offer. After the walking tour, we hopped on a bus and explored even more of the Central London area. Overall, I very much enjoyed getting used to the city of London and beginning my experience abroad. After the weekend, it was finally time to start my internship and classes at CAPA. The company that I am interning for (the London EDITION hotel) was gracious enough to offer me a complimentary stay in one of their rooms the night before my first day on the job. It was a wonderful experience staying in such an upscale hotel and being able to enjoy a complimentary room service meal. After a phenomenal night’s sleep, I spent my first day in my company orientation. So far I have only had one day on the job, but I am very excited to see what this internship has to offer! As far as classes go, I am still getting used to each class being over three hours long. Despite this, all of my classes seem very interesting so far and I am excited to see how the pay out! Overall, I am still getting used to living in London, but have had a very good time doing so! Looking forward to visiting Stonehenge and Bath this coming weekend.