Landed in London!

VWJ0jv3sT2eEGzuzfJ1BQQ.jpgHi everyone!! I landed in London a couple days ago and it was an easy and smooth trip. I am living on Longridge Road in Kensington (cover image). I really love this area because we’re not only close to the CAPA Center (where we have class) but it’s also close to a park where I can run, and near tons of little shops/restaurants. Getting here from LHR wasn’t hard—I just looked at the tube map and figured out which stop was the closest to my road and I got off there. Although, managing two suitcases on the tube was a bit challenging, it wasn’t horrible. In this flat there are 6 roommates total! Three of them are from The University of Minnesota, two of us are from Pitt, and the last girl is from a small private school in Boston. The flat has beautiful crown molding on all the ceilings and it’s a decent size flat, considering it’s for 6 people. Yesterday, we did laundry to clean the kitchen towels we bought and we didn’t realize how long a single washing cycle takes—about two hours!! We decided that we would each have our own laundry day so we wouldn’t all be on top of each other trying to fight over a laundry spot. We also noticed how close the local Sainsbury’s is to us, this is super convenient because we won’t have to walk and carry our groceries for a long time. Speaking of close, the CAPA Center is about an 8-minute walk from here so going to class won’t be hard. While I’m here I really hope to get a better sense of direction and navigation. I have an hour commute to work so I will have to master this skill in order to make it there and back in a timely manner. I have to transfer to three different tube lines to get to work, but I am up for the challenge! Professionally, I want to get a better sense of what it’s like to do research for a company while still doing IT. I’ve never really had previous research experience so I’m very excited to be doing this and it’s even better because this research helps people with learning disabilities. While learning a new skill I’m also helping the community which is something that’s also very important to me. As for my academics, I want to gain a sense of what it’s like to work with other international students who aren’t only just from America but also who are from the U. K. and beyond. For two of my classes I know I will be working in groups with international students which I’m very excited about. It’ll be interesting to see their point of view on something that us American’s might have a different view on. That’s all for now! Cheerio!