First Weeks In Londontown

Being in London has reminded me a little of the States with similarities of the language and business culture. I have had the opportunity to interview for an internship at two completely different companies, because the first company decided it wasn’t the best fit for a student. I thought it was unfortunate at first, but soon realized that it was the best for me. Both interviews were completely different, but the dress code and culture were both very casual, and I know I will be happier with the internship I got. The only issue is that my interview was on a Friday, so I am a week behind everyone else, but I am confident that I will be able to make up those hours. I am extremely excited for this opportunity to be able to have this experience that not a lot of people get.

My housing is in a flat complex with only students through the CAPA program living in it. I’ve recognized a lot of faces from my college, but I have never met them until now. Without this experience I would have never met my best friends, even though we go to the same school. I have also met a lot of people from other colleges that I would have never crossed paths with unless I studied abroad. I live in a studio flat with a friend that I’ve known for a while and so far it’s the best situation I could’ve imagined. We are very fortunate to have a cleaning service every week, but we do have to wash our won dishes and clothes. The only saving grace we have is a dishwasher, which isn’t that common in Europe and our washer does have a drying option, but it just makes the clothes warm and damp. Other than that we have a very nice flat and everyone who visits say they wish they had our flat.

My classes are at the CAPA building which is only a 25 min walk or a 20 min tube ride, so when the days are nice I walk to class, but when it’s raining and cold I take the tube. My internship is the same distance, but in the opposite direction. I do try to take the tube to acclimate to the London life. My classes are filled with students living in my flat complex, but also from other flat complexes with students I’ve never seen before. I have made a few friends, but it’s hard to meet up outside of class because our complexes are so far away from each other.