Transport to Pringle

Hello again!

I cannot express how much I am absolutely in love with the city of London. I already know I am never going to want to leave.

One of the more interesting things I have been doing while here is my internship. During the week I will spend at least 20 hours interning at Pringle of Scotland. Pringle of Scotland is a luxury clothing brand that sells clothing all over the world. Their specialty is knitwear clothing. The company has a 200-year history and is considered one of the oldest luxury brands in the world. The signature argyle pattern that we are all familiar with was introduced by Pringle. In my mind, the coolest fact about this company, is its Royal Warrant it received in 1956 which was awarded by Her Majesty the Queen after she requested “a new cardigan please”. While I am working at the company, I will be responsible for helping the different employees in the commercial team. This includes website merchandising, assisting with photoshoot preparation, running reports on excel, and reviewing and analyzing reports.

In order to get to work and class I take the Underground, or as Londoners call it, the “Tube.” The Tube is the underground railway system that Londoners use everyday. The tube is a quick and efficient way to travel around the city everyday. Because people stay quiet on the tube, it is a nice commute. Everyone on the train sits and reads or simply minds their own business. This way of traveling around the city is much different than at Pitt. At Pitt, I am able to walk almost everywhere, or take the Port Authority buses. Because of London’s size it is hard to walk all over the city. To me, having an unlimited tube pass is the best thing since sliced bread.


While I do feel a little dirty touching the poles on the tube, it is a fairly clean area overall. Minus the mice that crawl on the tracks and sometimes on the platform…

If I had to give any advice about transportation in the city of London, it would be to get an Oyster card (their transportation card). It allows you to take the tube and buses anytime you want, if you pay for that feature. It is 100% worth it and allows you to travel across the city in a very efficient manner. While there can be some delays with the system, it is overall a very well run system.

This weekend I will be traveling to Paris, France and riding the Eurostar, a new transportation system for me. I can’t wait to write about my adventure in Paris!