Living Like a Londoner!

Hi guys! It’s been two full weeks since I’ve been in London and I’m loving every minute of it. I work at The RIX Centre at the University of East London. I live in Earl’s Court in Kensington but my job is all the way by London City Airport. I have to take three different tubes to get to work; the first one being the District or Piccadilly, the next being the Jubilee, and the last being the DLR. When I first went to work, I got on the wrong tube going the opposite direction of where I needed to be going; I was headed west instead of east. Finally, I realized what my mistake was and I hopped off the train and got back onto another one going in the right direction. I have never traveled farther than 5 minutes for any type of work that I’ve held. In college my job was a 5-minute walk from my dorm and back at home, the Walgreens I worked at was a 5-minute drive from my house. Getting to work this morning was probably the biggest struggle I’ve had so far. This morning I was running a little late getting to the tube station (usually getting there at 8) but today I got there at 8:05 and I had to wait for three trains to pass because they were all so crowded. Westminster is usually where I encounter the really packed trains but, today it happened to be the first stop of my journey. As I squeezed onto the packed tube, I felt like I had to suck in order to fit in the tube. Everyone was on top of each other like a can of sardines. After getting off my stop at Westminster, I rushed with my fellow commuters toward the Jubilee Line. I kind of like the rush hour commute because it’s fun to run from tube to tube. I probably will change my mind later on in the semester but for now this is how I feel. After I get off the Jubilee Line, I have to hop onto the DLR. This is my favorite part of my commute because it’s all above ground and I can watch the tube glide past the newly constructed business buildings and fancy hotels. Overall, the trip roughly takes about an hour—although it doesn’t feel like it. Being right next to the London City Airport, the first day I got here I got to watch numerous planes land and take off. I’ve never been that close to watching a plane land/take off, it was pretty amazing. Later, I learned in my Urban Studies class that pilots like to fly out of there because it’s a challenge for them since the runway is a lot smaller than bigger airports. In work, we can always hear the planes taking off and I think I’ve gotten pretty used to the loud noise now but before I would always look over at the window. I love my coworkers as they’re all nice and helpful. My one boss, Andy, invited me and the other CAPA intern to watch his band play this past Saturday. Unfortunately, he got the stomach bug and couldn’t attend. I actually really enjoy coming to work as I’m always working on a new project or traveling to another site, it’s never boring.XljOiFyjQLahbTBn5DClZw.jpg