A Whole New World

Wow! I cannot believe I’ve been in London for TWO weeks. It feels like yesterday my plane landed across the pond. I’ve already seen so much and yet I still have so much to explore. Everyone told me London was a global city, but I did not realize how serious they were. Living near New York City, I know what it is like walking down a street and hearing 20 different languages. These people are usually tourists. In London, your neighbors, friends, and coworkers are from all over the world. This truly is an amazing and global city.

I live the perfect distance from everything I need. I live in Richmond Court with 4 other girls (2 from Pitt and 2 from Minnesota). There are two bathrooms, a spacious living room, a double and a triple bedroom (I am in the triple). It is weird having roommates again after two years of being in a single room, but I am adjusting to it. Also, Richmond Court houses the most CAPA students compared to the other living options. So I am close to all my friends in my classes, making group projects very simple. It is crazy how I have met people I have been going to school with for three years, and I am just meeting them now. I am making friends that are experiencing these amazing journeys with, and when I get home not much will change.

Richmond Court is, if I do say so, the best located housing for CAPA students. It is less than a 10 minute walk from the nearest tube station, and about 20 minutes from the CAPA building. The walk to CAPA is very nice and gives you some time to look around at the amazing West Kensington area. The area is mostly residential, but it has a few beautiful parks, and is not far from the center of Kensington. The main Kensington area has some amazing shopping, and the palace of William and Kate! Also it stores some AMAZING museums. The best museums in the area are a 10 minute walk from CAPA! I also love that I am very close to some churches. Going to church is easy and not an inconvenience at all. That was something I was very worried about when deciding to study abroad, but now being here I realized it is just as easy as it was at Pitt.

So far London has been very kind to me. It is showing me how other countries live, and how people live such different lives compared to me. London has already shown me so much, and I know I still have much to see. I cannot wait to see what is next!