Shocking Opportunities!

Coming to London has hands down been the best thing I’ve decided to do so far in my life.  It is such a life changing experience, and I would easily suggest anyone to give it a try, even if it’s just a short program.

I’m already almost a month in, which is absolutely crazy!  I am so excited to see what I end up learning from my surroundings, supervisor, and professors over the next two months.  I am very motivated to work on myself this semester, including becoming more independent, a better navigator, and overall a more positive person.  I worry a lot about things, so this causes me to think of worst case scenarios, but I want to try to look more on the bright side.  I also strangely am going to try to ask less questions because over the past few years people have told me that I ask a lot of questions, and I am noticing that it is affecting how directions are given to me in the workplace.  I’m trying to be more spontaneous because I feel like I always need a plan, but this is most certainly not the case.  I’m trying to learn that sometimes it’s okay to just go with the flow!  Academically, I am looking forward to finally obtaining information about business, since these are my very first business classes!  I am hoping that I end up liking Marketing so that I don’t have to switch majors when I go home.  Professionally I am expecting a lot.  I hope to learn some digital/traditional marketing skills from this semester, including the operation of some programs online that assist in the design of marketing tactics.  I also am excited to see the event planning side of business, which I didn’t realize I would be excited about until this semester.  I am so far enjoying my internship and the people involved with it, so this is a very positive experience for me personally.  The picture included is of me at one of my store’s events (candle-making!) which I helped run in the evening.  I can’t wait to help my supervisor enhance her business and hopefully get the brand more well known in the process!  We will see what the very near future holds.

I am also realizing that I don’t think I want to work in an office setting, and this is a very valuable piece of information to me because I struggle with knowing what I want to do with my future career.  I am looking forward to learning more about myself and what I am looking for in my career.

But for now, cheers!