Work Hard, Play Harder


These past few weeks have been a lot more eventful! Some highlights of fun things I did:

  • Three weeks into the program, I finally went to the beach for the first time! My friends and I went to Coogee Beach and it was like paradise. This is the kind of content I came to Australia for! I highly recommend this beach for anyone visiting Sydney. I can’t wait to see other beaches like Manly and Bondi, but my standards are set high already! P.S Beach Burrito had probably one of the best burritos I have ever eaten…and they’re veg friendly too! 
  • Went bouldering at the University of Sydney’s climbing center, and met some students on the Rock Climbing team there! They invited me to go out with them for some outdoor climbing, and I will definitely take them up on that offer at some point.
  • I celebrated Lunar New Year by watching some performances throughout the city, strolling through the night markets, and eating lots of good food. In China Town, there’s this shop that sells “Emperor’s Cream Puffs” out of a little window. They’re so cheap and so. good. Definitely going back for more.

As I promised in my previous blog, I’ll talk about my awesome internship opportunity I have here. Thankfully I live very close to work. It’s only a 15-minute walk, which is basically the walk from my apartment in Oakland to classes. I’m a Marketing Research Intern at House of Brand Group, which is an ad agency that does marketing research and analysis for big Aussie clients. Some of my tasks include formatting/adding content to PowerPoints, organizing and analyzing data, and taking notes on the focus groups we hold in the office. It’s a pretty swanky office, which definitely adds to the creative, laid back, fun culture we have. We also have a fully stocked fridge for snack cravings all throughout the day, and every other Friday we have a family-style lunch where we get food catered and all eat at a giant table together! My coworkers are all so nice, and I catch myself picking up on little Aussie slangs from them (reckon, cheers, keen, brekky). Photos below!

This Saturday, the whole program is going to the Blue Mountains and Featherdale Park. It looks gorgeous from photos. I’ve been looking forward to hiking and taking in the nature of Australia since I got here, so my chance has finally come. 

Then on Sunday, I have my first tournament with my Ultimate Frisbee club team, Rogue! I’ve been going to practices 2 times a week which is a big time commitment, but I don’t regret it at all. I’m meeting some great people and staying in shape while I’m at it. We have Regionals in two weeks, so this is a great way to warm up the season. Super excited for that! Updates to come in the next blog post. 

Until next time,