Change in my mind

Here are several points for takeaways through the first month of my life in London. I will try to analyze it from an academic, professional, and personal perspective. 

Academically, I once discussed with my advisor that I wanted to have four classes and an internship together because I thought twelve credits were a little bit too less but my advisor told me that most students chose to only take three courses with the internship. What I felt right now is that my advisor is so rational. It takes me about half an hour from my dorm to the classroom every day. Due to the unpredictable traffic jam in London, I need to get up for class earlier in case of any accidents. I have a lot of group projects due to my personal choices of courses and that really requires great mental effort because I have at least one presentation every week since the second week. However, I have to say that I love the structure of the combination of group work and lecture because It’s hard for me to concentrate on class for a complete three-hour-period.

Professionally, I love my internship site although it takes me about two hours on the public transports daily. I worked in Canary Wharf which is one of the business concrete centers in London. I worked in Marriott hotel which focuses on hospitality. I could always enjoy the fantastic desserts there. My department consists of Polish, English, Romanian, and Chinese which exhibits diversity. I think I have learned what I desire which is to get more familiar with the practical daily work of Human Resource Management. I really love the atmosphere there. My favorite date per week is Thursday which represents that my weekly class schedule has ended and the weekend is coming soon.

Personally, I expected to have a really relaxing life but substantial in content and finally, I found that I live a really full life which is not so easy as I think before. The meaning of relaxation doesn’t imply that I don’t need to work hard in study or internship but I expected more time in exploring the city. I need to go out at 7am on Monday, Thursday, and Friday for my internship. I always do two full days and a half of a day on Friday. My class begins at 9:30am and ends at 4:50pm on Tuesday and begins from 11:30am to 5:20pm on Wednesday. Accordingly, my weekdays are full. For the weekends, I always leave at least one day for rest. I have visited several sites in London such as the British Museum, Duck and Waffle and Chinatown. It’s hard to tell that if I am regretful that I might not have enough time to visit other countries in Europe. All in all, I will certainly say that I have get used to my daily life in London nowadays.  

(The sweets are for the quarterly meeting in my internship site.)