1 month down, not enough to go

It has been nearly a month since I first landed in London and the time has flown bye faster than expected. Honestly I am quite sad that it is going by so fast because I am absolutely in love with everything London has to offer.

Throughout the last weeks, I have adjusted to the culture with my living, my internship, my schoolwork, and traveling. Like I said before, I am living in Camden Town, a borough north of the center of the city. I am interning at Pringle of Scotland while also taking classes at CAPA. Working almost everyday while keeping up with schoolwork is a lot harder than expected but I am adjusting as quick as I can.

Overall, I have adjusted to my commute quite well and have been able to learn the way of the tube. I have grown more comfortable with traveling to new parts of the city and have even met some new locals. I have had very few people show hostility to me, but I also try to stick to myself and try not to stand out in the crowd.

This past weekend my friends and I traveled to Paris. Stepping off the Eurostar was my first “wow I am away from home moment.” When in London it is what I expected with the culture shock, but traveling 2 hours and being in an entirely different country really hit me that I was not close to home anymore. My biggest culture shock happened on this trip as well. After an hour of being in France I went to a French bakery for lunch. I realized once I walked in I knew how to speak little to no French and definitely could not read it either. I decided to take a picture of the item I thought looked most appealing to me; however, I had no clue what it was. Throughout the weekend I picked up on some French sayings and I became more comfortable with the culture. (Good thing I did because I’ll be back in France in two weeks for spring break.)IMG_6970.JPG

So far, my biggest take away from this trip is to be open minded. When you are open minded and say yes to doing any type of experience, you will see things you never thought you would. Even if something does not happen the way I thought it would, I should not let it ruin my time because I really am only here for a short amount of time.


That’s all for today, I’ll write back soon before I leave for my spring break and talk a little more about the cultures I will visit.