Weekend Update and Goals

What’s up blog world, here to give some updates of my time in Australia and also tell you what I’m trying to accomplish while I am here.

Last weekend, the CAPA Program took us all out to the Blue Mountains for a hike and some sight seeing. It was about a two hour bus ride, but we made a stop on the way that I’ll remember forever.blog kang 2

We stopped at Featherdale Wildlife Park to make some new friends. By far my favorite part of the trip so far. We got to feed and hang out with some kangaroos, wallabies, quoakkas (seriously google these guys, I promise you won’t be disappointed), as well as look at some of Australia’s snakes and other reptiles. They also had a GIANT crocodile that scared the hell out of me. Don’t tell any of the people at Featherdale, but I seriously debated taking one of the kangaroos for myself.

After the Wildlife Park, we headed to the Blue Mountains. The views were amazing and it really put the beauty of some places of the world in perspective.blue mtn.jpg

We hiked for a few hours, our tour guide was fantastic and told us numerous stories about the Aboriginal people who inhabit this land and have been doing so for thousands of years.

It was a great weekend full of activities, but before I could get to it I had to work at my internship and go to class during the week. The internship is going well, I am starting to find a rhythm with my boss and what she expects from me during these few months. In addition to that, she knows that I expect to get something out of my time at the company as well. My main goal is to obtain some real business experience in a field I may be unfamiliar with. My supervisor is in the accounting department of the company has been slowly teaching me the basic accounting rules at the company and it is going well. I have been working on more difficult tasks as I have been proving that I can handle the tasks she gives me.I’m looking forward to being able to use this experience in other internships and jobs.