Half way there

Yesterday I returned from my spring break trip to Bali, Indonesia. This week-long trip was easily one of the best weeks of my life. Since Indonesia is not as developed as the USA or Australia our first experiences there were definitely interesting. Once we settled in and went on our planned excursions, I was so happy that I went to Bali.

                Once returning from spring break it hit me, we are half way through the semester. As they say time flies when you’re having fun and it sure has flown. Coming in to Sydney I did not have a lot of expectations mainly because I didn’t do a lot of research coming in. Academically of course I expected the classes to be a bit easier than at Pitt. Now that I am a month in, I can say my expectation has been mostly correct. Even though the classes are not as challenging they are still very interesting. Being able to learn about the city was important to me going in to the program and I have definitely learned a lot about it today and in the past. When I arrived here, I thought I would be able to meet a lot more of the local students in the area. But since our learning facility is not associated with a local university it has been difficult. We aren’t given a lot of opportunities to connect with the local college students in the area which would be an interesting thing to do.

                Aside from that I have been able to meet a lot of new students that are also in the CAPA program. There are several different colleges that sent students through this program so it was cool to meet with new people. Now even though I have met many new people there is still so many people in the program that I do not know. Within our program there are students staying in two different locations. I am located in Oaks Goldsbrough along with about half of the students and the other half are located in Urbanest. It feels that the two groups are segregated because of the distance between the two locations (about a 20-minute walk). I wish that all students could have been put in the same location so that we could all be together. Other than that, I have no other complaints with our living arrangement. I can’t wait to continue my experience here!