Adventures to Hobbit Land

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe Spring Break already came and went! It has been a jam packed couple of weeks.

Last weekend I played Regionals with my ultimate team! We travelled to Dubbo on a coach bus (took about 5 hours, passed the time by playing Mario Kart and Mario Party on my friend’s Nintendo Switch lol). The weather was perfect for frisbee, though it got pretty windy at times. By the end of the weekend, we came in 8th place which put us in a very good position going into Nationals in April! And the cherry on top, we were the Women’s Spirit Champions! We got a cute meerkat stuffed animal and a medal. I got back to Sydney about 11 PM on Sunday night, and finished packing for my 8 AM flight to New Zealand the next day. Grind don’t stop.

Word of advice — don’t get to the airport 55 minutes before your plane takes off. My friends and I were rushed through check-in and RAN to our gate to catch our plane. Don’t be this stupid…get to the airport many hours in advance and save yourself the hectic sprint throughout the terminal. Spring Break got off to a rocky start but it was smooth sailing after that.

We arrived in Christchurch on the South Island Monday afternoon, and had lunch at a really nice place in the city center. Christchurch is so small — we pretty much walked the entire town in half a day. It’s known as the Garden City, so of course we checked out their Botanical Gardens. The city was rocked by an earthquake in 2011, but you could still clearly see the damage around the city even today. The next day, we were off to Queenstown! Our bus drove us down south to Queenstown, and stopped for some picturesque photo-ops along the way. We had about 3 days in Queenstown to explore, and we loved every second of it.

Queenstown is also a pretty small town. It is pretty much all backpackers and tourists, at least around the area we stayed in. We stayed in a hostel for 3 nights, which wasn’t too bad! It was definitely a new experience. A couple highlights of our New Zealand trip:

Milford Sound was breathtaking. It was another 4 hour drive away from Queenstown. We took a harbour cruise through the Sound (which is technically a Fjord), and even got boated under a waterfall! It was windy, rainy, and cold, but so enjoyable regardless.

The Queenstown Gondola and lunch on Friday was absolutely unreal. We ate lunch at this restaurant perched on top of a hill. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet, and oh lord did we eat. The food was amazing for being buffet-style, and the VIEW. WAS. UNREAL. Basically a 360 aerial view of the lake, mountains, and city of Queenstown. I wish I could include a video of it. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Canyoning at 8:30 AM in freezing cold glacier waters probably wasn’t the best idea. It was so fun though (sadly no photos from the adventure). We jumped off rocks, rappelled down cliff sides, ziplined, and swam through some really frigid waters.

Fergburger was probably one of the best burgers I’ve had. I’m a vegetarian, so I’ve had many veg burgers in my life, and this one came close to the top. It was called “Holier than Thou” (lol) and it was a tempura tofu burger. Fergburger is a viral burger joint and it is never without a line. It’s open until like 4 AM and it still even has a bit of a line at 11 PM. When we went, we only waited like 20 minutes to order and 10 minutes for our food. We finished the burgers probably in another 10 minutes. They were also huge, so the bang for the buck was so worth it.

Overall, Spring Break was a success! Next time I travel outside of Sydney, I’ll make sure to get to the airport a few hours before hand. I also learned packing light is key — I could fit all 6 days worth of things for NZ in one backpack. It made it easier to travel around because I didn’t have to lug around a suitcase, or pay for that extra baggage on flights.