London Living

Living in London has been eye opening, there are so many different areas with different types of apartment buildings I don’t think i can pinpoint a specific place I would want to live. It also depends on how much money I have at the time. If I have the money I have now I think I would only be able to afford a place on the east end of the city, which isn’t a bad part of the city, but it is gentrifying at a fast rate. A lot of young people are starting to move into that area and it’s becoming a desired place to live. If I had a little more I would consider living in Kensington, which is where my flat is now for my program. It’s considered a very posh area to live in and the houses are beautiful. If I had even more money I would like to either live in the City or in Canary Wharf which is where all the millionaires and billionaires live, but I can only dream to live in those areas. Since I am a finance major I would like to work in the City or Canary Wharf which is the finance areas in London and big finance hubs in the entire world. It’s most comparable to Wall Street in New York City. I like the internship I’m at now, but as an intern I don’t get to do a lot of exciting things, so I don’t think I would want to work at the company I’m at now. I want to work in corporate finance and that is more prominent in the City and banking is more common in Canary Wharf, so if I worked in either one I think it would be the City. If I lived here I would actually try harder to see all of London and the UK, but since I’m only here for four months, I’m trying harder to see Europe and not that hard to see the UK. But luckily for me my parents are coming to visit me and they are taking me to see Scotland and Ireland, so I’ll be able to see more of the UK. In the end I’m not sure if I would officially move to London, I do really like it here but I keep catching myself missing the States and just the simple things that you never noticed until you no longer have them. That doesn’t mean I will never come back because I’m already looking forward to my future trip back to London.