Interesting Start to Spring Break

For our spring break a group of my friends and I decided to travel to Italy (Rome, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast). On the morning of our flight out my friend, Yash, and I woke up to a notification saying our flight had been canceled. We both started worrying about what we were going to do and then about 40 minutes later, we received an email saying they booked us onto a later flight (around 5pm instead of 11am). This put a hinder on out plans because we had already booked a train ticket from Naples to Rome and at this new time arriving in Naples, the trains stopped running. We quickly booked a bus ticket for 2:20am and this would take us to Rome where we would reach our destination around 5am. This was slightly annoying but we were going to deal with it. By the time we reached Munich (our layover spot) it was around 8pm and we waited in the airport until 9 for our flight to board. When we got onto our final flight, everyone was so exhausted from a whole day of traveling we all passed out. Arriving at the Naples airport we were in for a rude awakening, the whole airport was closed and we decided to take a bus and wait at the bus station for our bus to Naples. To our delight, the busses stopped running by the time we reached the airport! So, we trekked back into the airport to wait until 1am to catch a taxi to the bus station. Sitting in the closed McDonald’s we were all just blobs of people who were hangry and thirsty and tired. To make matters even more fun a security guard told us the airport was closed and we had to leave. Graham saw that there were some taxi’s still waiting in the parking lot but by the time we reached it they had all left. By the time we got down and out the door all the taxis had left. We were stranded in the Napoli airport at 1am with nowhere to go. Thankfully our luck turned around and one last taxi rolled up and dropped off two people. We asked if he could take us to the bus terminal and he agreed but he warned us that the area was very sketchy and he didn’t feel comfortable dropping us off there. Graham sat in the front of the taxi and used the google translate app to communicate with our driver. The driver said that he wanted to drop us off at a waiting place until it was time for our bus to come so, he dropped us off at some square where we got something to eat and drink. This man saved our lives because he agreed to come back, pick us up and drop us off at the bus terminal when it was time for us to board the bus. Despite the fact that we got to Rome at five something in the morning, the trip was great. It had a rocky start but that didn’t stop us from having an amazing time. The picture below is from Positano near the water. F0E19534-B509-4F86-8F86-E9B61040BE6E