Wonderful experience for spring break

I travelled to Scotland during my spring break. I decided to not go abroad is because that I want to know more stuffs about

this country itself and my boss advised me this city as his most favorite city for travelling.

Here is my general schedule. I bought the train ticket as £70 for the round trip between London and Edinburgh. I took the train to Edinburgh on 7:30 AM, Monday. I booked my rooms in Airbnb at an average price of £30 per night. I first spent my initial two days in Edinburgh, the place I lived locates close the Portobello the beach. Then I bought the off-peak free return ticket for the train from Edinburgh to St Andrews and spent there for one whole day. After that, I returned to Edinburgh and spent my last few days with my friend. For the buses there, I just bought 5 one-day-ticket, each costs £4 and represents for unlimited buses within one day. I returned at around 6 PM on Saturday so that I still have enough time to adjust myself from the vacation status to working status cause I have internship in the following Monday. I have a complete Sunday for preparing works for the next week and sorting out my luggage.

I was very lucky because most days were sunny when I was traveling. The weather is always not under people’s control so I made my plan flexible before my departure. For example, the plan which I will go to see the sea and enjoy the seafood in a restaurant nearby the beach doesn’t have to be the days I live nearby the sea thought it may be convenient. The journey is a kind of process of making choices, if I prefer more on better personal experience or better performance of the photos. I am either willing to spend more on my traveling experience or buying more gifts for my family and friends is also a point worths consideration. 

I will suggest others who are looking to take a trip while on a study abroad program to take good care of their cash and certificates. It’s not easy to deal with events such as lost of passport when you’re abroad. It’s a good idea to plan how you will spend your money such as if you want to pay cash or via credit card for your lunch or dinner.

I actually travel alone so what I want to suggest the others is that if you plan to travel on your own, it’s mandatory to evaluate the degree of safety in that city or area. For example, if I want to visit the deserts in Morocco, I will definitely ask some of my friends to travel with me instead of being alone when I was in Edinburgh. If you don’t have any clear plan to use a large amount of cash, then take no more than £20 every day.