My Must-See London

It’s hard to pick from all the amazing experiences I’ve had in London, but if I had to recommend three top areas of the city to see, it would be these:

1. Soho
Nested below world-famous Oxford Street, Soho is one of London’s most historic and electric neighborhoods. Home to many current and former music landmarks (The 100 Club, Trident Studios, and more), it also has an amazing collection of diverse dining options just off of the West End. Known for its vibrant night life, Soho is essential to seeing the best of London after dark.

My personal favorite spot in Soho is the John Snow pub. Situated on the corner of Lexington and Broadwick streets, John Snow is a charming place to go for a traditional British pint and is just a short walk from the famous shopping hub on Carnaby Street and the London Palladium.

A mural depicting some of Soho’s famous residents.

2. South Bank
Just opposite the Thames from central Westminster is London’s South Bank. This walk-able area along the river is home to the London Eye, the National Theatre, Tate Modern museum, Shakespeare’s Globe, City Hall, London and Tower Bridge, and a short walk from a great city view at the Shard. With no shortage of things to see and do, the South Bank makes for a great morning, afternoon, or evening of great dining, art, and theater.

My favorite food spot on the South Bank is the Anchor Tavern, a pub so old it was there to witness the burning of Shakespeare’s original Globe. A quaint piece of history that overlooks the Thames, the Anchor makes a great Sunday Roast with a variety of local beers on tap. Definitely a stand-out among the thousands of pubs across London.
The modern recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe.
3. Camden Town
If you like street food, there’s no better place in London than Camden Town. The Camden borough’s central district is home to an exciting market full of street vendors offering everything from unique walking food to craft gifts. Perhaps the most famous of London’s numerous street markets, Camden Market is London’s fourth most popular visitor attraction, hosting over 250 thousand people every weekend.
My favorite restaurant in Camden is probably The Blues Kitchen on Camden High Street. A modern place with American and British comfort food and barbecue, Blues Street offers nightly live music or a DJ celebrating blues music in a fun and casual atmosphere. While it might not be traditional British cuisine, this unique place is one of the more fun spots in Camden.
A view from Camden Market.

There are obviously endless sights to see in Europe’s most bustling city, but I think anyone who has a short time in London should be sure to check these three areas from their to-do list.