Internship with classes!

Hey guys! 

Along with college, I am doing an internship at Hotel Four Seasons to experience and gain insight into the aspects of the HRD function and need to commute using the public transport. Reaching my workplace is quite a task! Since I have to reach office by 9 am sharp, I would have to start my day early as my commute time is approximately 45 minutes on a lucky day, else more than an hour or more, if I missed my mode of transport. 

My commute is multi-fold! I have to first take a 20 minutes train ride, then a bus for 20 minutes and then walk for another 10 minutes, before I finally reach my destination. At times the bus would be over-crowded and would have to miss it, which means a delay of another 15 mins waiting for the next bus or hail a taxi and land up spending more money.

From the moment you land in Sydney, it’s impossible for one to not notice that the growth is primarily due to investment in infrastructure and transport planning. Public transport is an integral part of its transport system and the different mode of public transport accessibility and facilities is the highest compared to any city in Australia. Sydney’s public transport system features a comprehensive network of train, bus and ferry services and light rail lines, airport links, sightseeing buses and taxi services compliment the network. 

In contrast to this, life in Pittsburgh is far simpler. The farthest class from my dorm would be less than 10 mins leisure-walk and if I needed to travel anywhere by bus it would so much easier and accommodating, with more frequency during peak hours saving time even if I missed a bus. However the quality of the transport system in Sydney is far more advanced and luxurious than USA.

I am a strong believer, that if one needed to know the city well it is important to explore using public transport, and that is exactly what I did! I simply loved my commute, as it allowed me to explore new routes and enjoy the scenic ride. Although people complain, I consider Sydney’s public transport excellent. All the staff members at stations and on buses are really nice and co-passengers are helpful guiding you in case you face a problem.

Although travelling was fun, I disliked the scorching heat in the summer, especially if you have to wait for another bus or a train, as the network isn’t as extensive as London or New York and since it’s a large city, so you can’t walk from one side to the other in a day.

Some tips I would recommend to all of you. Although tourists are generally safe it would be advisable not to dress and behave like one. If you’re lost walk confidently! Secondly carry cash when travelling, as many buses don’t accept State Transit tickets. Although for students, travelling is free if you use the Opal card because it is provided by CAPA. I must admit the experience of using is quite amusing, as one had to tap on/off when using any public transport. Finally, ensure you have installed Moovit app on your phones, when travelling to any destination around Sydney as it makes it so much easier to get directions with detailed route maps, view timetables and get updated live notification as you travel anywhere in Sydney.