Recommendation for London

From my perspective, the top 3 sites in London should be the Camden Town, the British Museum and whatever a park in a sunny afternoon. 

The Camden Town represents the groups of some artisans and musicians, there’s really busy market for shopping some featured stuffs and great quality of food. Very suggest to visit this place with your friends. The British Museum shows the brilliant achievement of “The Empire On Which The Sun Never Sets”. I was wondering that what I might see in the museums in Egypt when I looked at the collections from Egypt in the British Museum because there is even Ramesses II’s statue there. Also many different types of mummy, with stone coffin, wooden coffin or the pure corpse, covered with cloth or not. The reason why I say whatever park is because there are so many parks in London, such as Hyde Park and Green Park. These parks locates around the center of London with Buckingham Palace, Chinatown, and Shopping Holy Land such as Oxford Street and Covent Garden. To enjoy the sunshine while lay on the grass, have afternoon tea in the restaurants nearby and then enjoy a wonderful Micheline Three Star dinner. I will suppose that this is the final lifestyle I’m chasing for. 

It’s hard for me to introduce only one restaurant as my favorite. I have so many recommendations for the restaurants I love. For example, you can go to a restaurant called “Flat Iron”, it has a lot of locations in London but please choose the one in covent garden because it will offer free chocolate ice cream after you finish your meal. You can see the employee in restaurant scrape a large whole chocolate and put the scraps on surface of ice cream. The egg benedict in Wolseley is also amazing. If you have some formal clothes, I will suggest to make a reservation at The Ritz of its afternoon tea because it has strict dressing code. If you want some more friendly price, I will suggest Fortnum & Mason. The bubble-like seats in Coppa is a splendid place for taking photos in sunny days or during nights. You can also enjoy your breakfast with sunrise at the 40th floor in the Duck & Waffle Restaurant. If you want to try some Asian food, then Chinatown will be your best choice, but just to be careful of your wallet and your phone. The Chinese, Japanese and Korean food in Chinatown are authentic, the same taste as you can experience in the local countries.