My Tour of London, England

London is one of the biggest cities in the world. It contains 32 different boroughs and each borough has its own feel similar to different towns in the United States. I’m sure people have many different locations within London they would want to see, but I have been here for 3 months and I still have yet to see everything I have wanted to see.

While I have been able to see a lot of cool things within the city, there are three things that stand out as must do’s in London. Borough Market/Camden Market, Westminster, and Buckingham Palace during Changing of the Guards.

The different markets within London are always a fun thing to explore. Every market is different with the types of food they offer and the different things you can buy. To me, Borough Market and Camden Market are by far the best markets in the city. Borough Market offers a wide variety of food vendors from vegan options, to Indian, to burritos. The market also has independent vendors selling everything from smoothies to fish to cheese to pastries. The market is constantly busy with visitors from all over the world. Camden market is another market that is always busy. Camden has more permanent stands with food options from macaroni and cheese to buffalo chicken and chips to Mexican cuisine. Camden has more clothing stores and souvenir shops than Borough Market. Markets are always a place to hangout on any day of the week and find some good food and souvenirs.

Westminster is an overall incredible building both inside and out. The building is full of history and very noticeable from the outside. Very photo friendly as well!

Buckingham palace is an iconic figure for London, England that anyone could point out. I would highly recommend anyone to visit Buckingham on a Sunday as the Changing of the Guards occurs. The routine of the guards and the music they play is unlike anything I have ever seen.

As far as food options go, London has every type of food imaginable. I have tried a different food almost every week I’ve been here. Picking a favorite restaurant is hard because everything is so different, but I can share a few of my top choices. Poppies Fish and Chips in Camden has incredible English Fish and chips. 24 hour Polo Bar has great breakfast and is open 24 hours! The markets are great for different options when no one can decide on one place to eat. Curry House in Clapham has incredible Indian cuisine. The food in London has its ups and downs. I like when my food has a lot of spice in it and it can be hard to find options like that. However, the food has been satisfactory and I would not complain about the plethora of options available.

To anyone thinking of visiting London, DO IT. The city is incredible and has so much to explore you will never see it all. Before you visit, do your research and make note of everything you NEED to see and everything else you would not mind seeing so you have a plan.