Ciao Italy, It’s Time For Spring Break!

For our week-long spring break, four of my roommates, myself, and two of our friends spent a week in Italy. We visited Rome, Naples, Pompeii, and Positano and Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. Italy has always been somewhere that I have wanted to vacation in, and I was extremely glad to have a big group of my friends to go with. Italy was also my first trip outside of London, and I was very excited to spend some time on the mainland of Europe!

We ran into obstacles on day one of our trip. We all ended up grouped off on different flights, and my roommate Hannah and I were scheduled to land in Rome around two in the afternoon. However, due to the heavy fog at Heathrow Airport, our flight was delayed by almost two hours. We were extremely worried that we wouldn’t be able to check into our Air BNB on time, since it would cost us an extra thirty Euros.  After talking over our options between ourselves and consulting a worker at the airport, Hannah and I decided to try to switch our flights so we would get to Rome sooner. Luckily the ladies working the desk were nice enough to help us out!


The Colosseum in Rome was amazing to see in person!

Little did we know that this was only the beginning to one of the longest travel days that the both of us had ever had. I was only running on about an hour and half of sleep and was excited to sleep on our first flight. However, the plane sat on the tarmac for about an hour, and a baby was crying from the time we boarded the plane to the time it took everyone to get off. When we finally got to the Air BNB, we were so hungry that we immediately went out in search of food. When we got back to where we were staying, we couldn’t figure out how the keys worked and spent two and a half hours locked outside the building!



Positano had a lot of stairs, but the views were worth it.

Besides that dreadful first day, I had a blast in Italy! We ate gelato every day, visited the Coliseum numerous times, and I made sure to stuff myself with delicious pastas and pizzas. I had never seen skies so blue or vistas so beautiful. In Naples, we visited Pompeii, and two towns on the Almalfi Coast: Sorrento and Positano. They were all extremely picturesque, but the stairs up the cliffs were brutal enough to make me question visiting again!

One tip that I can give to future travelers is to not get worried if your weekend trips or your spring break starts off as bad as ours did! As bad as it is in the moment, the situation will always find a way to work itself out.


*Written on March 15