The What If’s

Did you really love studying abroad if you didn’t on multiple occasions play out a scenario where you’d move to the country permanently?

As three months have gone by, I’ve considered Sydney to be somewhat of my home. But I’d love to also call it my permanent home.

Ironically Sydney has so many aspects that remind me of my actual home! The proximity of beaches, the vast cityscape, the culture of being relaxed and flexible all remind me of Southern California.

There is too much that Sydney offers to be bored. Starting from the vast array of food options, to the vibrant city, the constant flow of tourists that remind me of how much the city is loved, to the never-ending list of activities to do on any given weekend, there’s something in Sydney for everyone. And you can’t forget about the nice weather! Weather that will end up making you choose which of the many beautiful beaches to go to- a difficult decision I’ve encountered on multiple sunny weekends.

If I were to live in Sydney in my younger years, I’d love to live in the area of Ultimo. Close to multiple shops, malls, and eateries but still a little ways from the Central Business District to get some peace and quiet. The area is still very loud with the ebb and flow of people- especially students! Ultimo seems to be home for many campuses.

I think I would like to keep my professional role in marketing. It would be great to explore the consumer behavior of Australians and find out what kind of products they are attracted to. I don’t think I’d like to keep working at my current internship however. There isn’t much room for growth and I find it to be a bit of a “boys club”. I’d like to work in a bigger office, with maybe multiple locations across the country. That way there could be an excuse to keep exploring Australia!

Speaking of which, if I had more time in this country I think I would spend it on exploring cities outside of Sydney. Three months of studying, walking, and working in the city has given me a thorough sense of what Sydney is like. I would love to take some time to get to know Perth and Western Australia, Canberra the capital of Australia, and spend some more time in Melbourne as well- another favorite city of mine!