The Best Pizza in Florence

I have done a lot of traveling during my time abroad, even outside of Italy. One of my favorite trips was the time I went to Paris, France. I bought a luggage just for this trip because I thought for sure I would bring back lots of clothes and souvenirs. Little did I know that the luggage bag lock would break, and I would need to find a wire cutter in the middle of Paris to open my bag. The whole trip to Paris was wild. I had to get to Pisa airport at around 10 am for my flight so I set an alarm at like 645 in the morning to give my self an optimal amount of time. I must have hit a mental snooze button for my alarm because I slept in until 8:10 and ran to the train station to catch a train to Pisa. I made it by the hair of my chin. So, I arrived in Paris and had a solo tour through the city plus a Drake concert.

I have learned a few things traveling so much in Europe.  Customs do not usually take very long to go through in Europe (and sometimes there is none for EU countries). I would leave about 45 minutes to go through the airport in Italy to find your flight (maybe less than one would expect. Also, bring your wallet because the major cities in Europe are more expensive than Pittsburgh PA, my hometown. Furthermore, bring a water bottle because everywhere you must buy water, even restaurants.

 Also important, I have eaten at so many pizza places in Italy but mostly in Florence. I have a preference for a thin pizza with a nice puffy yet crisp crust. Also, there is a certain type of Mozzarella that is the most delicious called Buffala Mozzarella. It is quite common in Florence. I have a top 4 favorite pizza places in Florence rated based on taste and value. The list goes best to worst: L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Gusto Pizza, The pizza shop next to the famous Antico Vinaio panini shop, and Toto Pizzeria.

Other than the food the people stick out to me in Florence. They have the relaxed lifestyle like a Californian and really know how to take their time with things. They eat dinner around 8 or 9 pm every night, much later than the average American. I am slowly starting to transform into a true Italian by progressively following the directions

Ciao, Sam